Nisa stores that converted to the brand’s latest format have experienced an average 12% sales uptick since switching to the new design.

The Store of the Future 2 Evolution format uses a ‘modular’ design to combine new trends with tailored rantings for the store’s demographics.

Since the start of January 2018, 42 stores have converted to the Evolution model including Barry Patel’s two Luton stores. Patel commented: “Sales have gradually been increasing and it is all positive for us. The stores look fantastic and our customers are all really impressed.”

A further 41 first-time Nisa stores have opened under the Evolution concept since the start of 2018.

Head of format and development at Nisa, Darren May, added: “The aim is to give each store unique quality and selling point, required to make a difference in the marketplace.”

Speaking at Nisa’s annual trade show in early April, senior staff at the symbol group told RN that store recruitment and refurbishments had dropped off as retailers awaited the completion of the company’s takeover by the Co-op. However, in Co-op’s interim results published in September, the group said there had been “an increase in Nisa partner recruitment,” since the deal.

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