Londis Manager EPoS support to end

Londis is to terminate support for its Manager EPoS system from the end of March.

betterRetailing understands representatives from the symbol group have been informing affected retailers about online video meetings with alternative suppliers The Retail Data Partnership (TRDP), IT Retail Systems (ITS) and Point Four ahead of the termination date.

Londis has also supported the remaining store owners with the switchover since it first communicated the termination three years ago and has not had a role in recommending any of the three alternative EPoS providers.

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One retailer, who asked not to be named, told betterRetailing: “They’ve been doing it well in advance and we’ve had a few meetings with EPoS suppliers over Zoom to discuss what they can offer.

“The change has been on the cards for some time. Londis Manager has been quite a robust and reliable system over the years, but it’s outdated in a few ways.

“For example, I’m stuck with some unwanted waste because the system doesn’t offer me the option of choosing not to print when a customer doesn’t want a receipt.”

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Asked about what retailers can expect when switching, ITS head of business development Jag Sidhu said: “ITS has been recommended as an alternative partner and we have been doing presentations and software demonstrations through Booker to its retailers.

“We have moved a considerable number over already and a have more scheduled to transition in the coming weeks.

“We have written a piece of software that converts their existing data from Londis Manager to our software making the transition very straightforward.”

TRDP managing director Stephen Burnett added: “We have been asked to do quite a few presentations to Londis retailers.

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“We’re rolling out a lot of new features, particularly in areas where retailers can get reports on their till data. That’s an area in which Londis Manager was strong, and a lot of the old users will want to see that.”

Atul Sodha, of Londis Peverills in Uxbridge, Greater London, is one affected retailer who has been looking at alternative providers. He told betterRetailing: “My biggest concern will be ease of use, especially when we’re booking in deliveries. It takes a lot of work to incorporate into your symbol group.

“Londis has its own price files, and transitioning those to a new EPoS might be easy, or it might be difficult.

“Booker’s got a website anyway, so you can get the prices from that to update your till system.

“I think there will be some savings, though, as the support fee from Point Four is cheaper.”

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