Since joining Costcutter in September 2017, Rekha Godhania’s Costcutter Sheldon in Birmingham has gone from strength to strength

Costcutter is investing in the offer, insights and innovations retailers need. 

As a result, Costcutter retailers are now able to engage more shoppers,  attract them into stores and encourage them to spend more, while also making it as easy as possible for retailers to run their business and reduce costs through an extensive package of business services. 

The company also offers Shopper First, a sector-leading programme that brings together brand and store design, shopper insights and sales – driving range initiatives. This year, the company will expand the insights it provides and make them easier to action. 

This level of support is what attracted Rekha Godhania to Costcutter in the first place. “This store was my first step into convenience – before, I ran a tiny off-licence. 

“Costcutter took care of everything, from ranging to store layout, the support was incredible,” she says.

Why stay

Andy Mitchell
Costcutter Forfar, Forfar, Angus

“I’ve been with Costcutter for a year and a half, and we did, of course, have an issue early on when their supplier Palmer & Harvey collapsed. 

“But they supported us through that disruption very well, opening an account at a local cash and carry to keep us ticking over while they did a deal with Co-op and Nisa. 

“Aside from that, I’ve got an excellent relationship with their retail manager, who is available on the phone 24/7 – for the first few months I was never off the phone to him. 

“My background is in electrical goods, so when I started, so much was new to me. Since the recent deal with Co-op, my range and availability have increased and my business is stronger and more competitive. I’ve got all the support I need to keep growing.” 

Why join

Rekha Godhania
Costcutter Sheldon, Birmingham

Award-winning products: “Our range has changed massively since we joined. We now have a lot of Co-op products in and they sell really well. Customers were a little confused to start with, but now they get it.”

Store expertise: “This was my first convenience store and my business development manager is incredible. He ordered the stock, got merchandisers in and he helps us monitor
our range.” 

Launch support: “I ran the local off-licence, so I’m known in the community, but when we opened, we wanted to make a big splash. Costcutter helped us with our marketing, gave us leaflets and provided banners.” 

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