Dan Amin

One Stop Stoke

Aldermoor, Coventry

We joined One Stop four years ago when we changed symbol groups. 

We chose One Stop because their management systems were impressive, and we have not been disappointed. 

Before, I was in the store every day writing down our next order and the stock that needed replenishing, but One Stop has removed that entirely. Now, I can leave my team on their own and not have to worry about stock being missed as we have an automated system. 

Since becoming a One Stop, I’ve acquired three stores and One Stop have been with me every step of the way – every store is now part of the franchise. 

One Stop knows convenience. They taught me how to change how I thought about my store, and offered ideas to improve. 

One Stop spent a lot of time working with us to identify the best products for our customers.

I now have supermarket deals, which my customers are happy with, and we now have customers doing their daily shops with us – and my sales have increased as a result. 

If you’re interested in joining One Stop, call 01543 363 003 

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