Costco has begun to reintroduce restrictions on core items in response to increased demand according to retailers and sources within the wholesaler.

A staff member at the cash and carry told betterRetailing on 23 September: “Restrictions just came in this morning, it’s just tissues at the moment but we’re not sure if it will change again. It’s limited to one per customer.”

One retailer described his visit to the Wembley branch on 23 September stating: “There were queues outside at 8:30am. People were filling up trolleys with water and loo roll. I was only there for tobacco but I saw that they had a list of restrictions at the checkout.”

Messages from non-trade Costco customers show that a two per member limit was introduced on 22 September, before being reduced to one per member the following day. Glasgow, Watford, Leeds, Bristol, Lakeside Leicester and Wembley. Despite the restrictions nearly all lines remained in stock up and down the UK according to visitors. 

One customer said: “There was plenty in Liverpool this morning but practically every trolley (except mine!) had loo rolls in them.”



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