A Costcutter retailer in York who is refitting his store has continued to provide a service to nearby residents by temporarily opening a portable convenience store.

Store manager Chris Jones told betterRetailing he had partnered with Rapid Retail, who had provided the temporary store until his 2,000sq ft shop reopens next month with a revamped food to go range.

“The temporary shop has been on the same premises since 9 February and it’s about a tenth of the size of our normal store. We’ve got a little freezer in there to sell chilled products, alongside meal deals and the traditional staples such as beans and soft drinks.

“We’ve continued to trade and get business while the main store is getting refitted, but the most important thing is how we’re able to continuing to serve the community while the main shop is being refitted.”

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The pop-up shop has the symbol group’s branding on the front and includes a built-in storage room and an onboard generator.

Rapid Retail sales and marketing manager Calum Wallace told RN the company has previously used a similar format with the Co-op and Euro Garages and is in talks with other symbol group retailers to discuss further rollouts.

“There’s a lot in the pipeline and our partnership with the Co-op has helped us further that. The opportunity for retailers is they can serve their communities and maintain their regular customers, particularly those who can’t walk a mile to get to their local shop,” he said.  

When asked whether the company sees a use for portable convenience stores in the event of a natural disaster such as flooding, Wallace added: “There’s never been a need that has arose based on flooding, but I can certainly see how that would have an affect and would definitely tie in with a requirement for these pop up shops.”

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