A wholesale buying group has responded to a potential deal between supermarket giant Sainsbury’s and symbol group Nisa, saying it has no plans to change its model.

John Kinney, retail director at The Today’s Group, said: “Our strategy is about supporting independent wholesalers who service independent retailers and we value that independence in both of those channels.

“There’s no plan for us to change our model. That’s what we’ve been throughout our operation, that’s what we’ll continue to do, and that’s what we’re proud to do.”

The comment is in response to reports that Nisa is poised to sign an exclusivity agreement with Sainsbury’s, with a view to a deal believed to be worth around £130m.

Bestway and Co-op are also rumoured to have made their interest known in striking deals, as reported in last week’s RN.

The revelations follow the proposed £3.7bn Tesco-Booker merger which was announced in January and have come at a time of great uncertainty for the industry.

Mr Kinney added: “We need to ask, what have we got that everyone seems to want? Are we making the most of it ourselves before others take a share of it?”