AF Blakemore is moving ahead with its plan to improve delivery and warehousing operations for its retail partners, announcing a trialed redesign of its fleet.

Under their One Logistics plan, the wholesaler said it is hoping to: “Enable increased delivery frequencies, growth of food service in stores, a greater emphasis on chilled and frozen products, the continued growth of wholesale distribution and improved customer access to Fine Foods ranges.”

Group logistics MD Sam Wilcox said the five to ten year plan was necessary to combat challenges such as: “increasing customer delivery expectations.”

Forty of the company’s 300 vehicles will be receiving a make-over to now include advertisement opportunities for their suppliers. This will be extended to the full 300 later on this year. The space will also be used to celebrate the brand’s 100th birthday this year. The new design name-checks two of their major business arms, their Spar store holdings and their recently launched Lifestyle Express symbol group.

The move comes just a month after rivals Palmer & Harvey decided to forego similar supplier advertisement in favour of their charity partnership with Missing People.

Blakemore’s centenary was also marked by the company’s MD Peter Blakemore receiving a medal for “outstanding contribution to SPAR International”. The Blakemore boss stepped down from Spar International’s board at the end of May.