Spar is partnering with a retail technology company in a bid to “turn digital into one of its biggest strengths”.

Speaking at the Spar Retail Show in Telford on 6 September, Sarah Ellis, Blakemore marketing director, teased a video by Visma that featured scan & go technology, personalised offers and click & collect ordering for consumers.

“This won’t happen overnight, but we’re on the way there. We've created a digital experience journey map, which allows us to plan how we engage with customers on social media and at different areas inside a store.

"We know 80% of consumers search online for local goods and services and half of these will then shop locally as a direct result within 24 hours,” she said.

The tradeshow also promoted the brand’s revamped produce range and the rollout of its ‘Tonight’s Tea’ concept, which is a fixture that includes ready meals, meats, sides and desserts under one brand.

Edward White of White and Sons in Calver, Derbyshire, has been trialling the new range in his store. “Our ready meals category has increased by 40% since the launch of the Tonight’s Tea range and we expect sales to grow even further,” he said.

The company also unveiled that basket spend is up 6% year on year and sales are up by 8%, which Spar MD Debbie Robinson claimed is “better than anyone else in the market”.

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