Bestway has overhauled its own label and introduced a premium range to help independent retailers take advantage of shopper demand and compete with multiples.

After 22 years as Best-in, the own label has been rebranded as Best-one to tie into the wholesaler’s symbol group. Its packaging has been redesigned and Bestway said every product has been reformulated to offer better quality.

The new design will initially be introduced on bestselling categories, including biscuits, soft drinks, snacks and grocery staples, with the rest following by the end of the year.

The range has been slimmed down to 300 lines, although Ed Smeaton, director of trading for grocery at Bestway, said there will eventually be more than 400 lines available.

Bestway will run 40% PoR promotions in July and further offers for retail club members.

“The main thing for our customers is that we provide quality products with great margins and highly-competitive prices that allow them to compete with other channels such as multiples and discounters,” Smeaton added.

In addition to the new-look Best-one products, a premium range called Best-one Inspired will roll out in August. It will initially comprise 15 lines, including all-butter cookies, strawberry and cherry conserves and pesto.

The products are all discreetly price-marked and offer 30% PoR for retailers.