Best-one retailers have used rebates received from reward schemes to invest more than £3m in store development over the past year. 

Bestway Retail head of sales and development Paul Adams told betterRetailing last month: “£500,000 has been used by our retailers in the past 12 weeks for development. Overall, Best-one retailers have invested £3m in store developments over the past year. All this is from the rewards scheme we offer, which has helped them to accelerate these changes. We also don’t take any commission from shopfitters and we’re about helping retailers deliver at the right pace.”

In August, Bestway launched the Core Rewards scheme, which offers its symbol group retailers up to a 5% rebate when ordering 75% of qualifying own-label and branded products in a month.  This can be combined with the My Rewards scheme, which offers monthly rebates of between 1.5% and 5% based on a spend of £15,000 to £45,000. 

The combination of the two schemes enables retailers to earn up to a 10% rebate, giving what Bestway claims is the highest cashback rewards scheme of any national wholesaler. Some retailers claimed they were receiving £900 per month in Best-one rebates as a result of hitting targets with both schemes. Adams added: “Retailers are attracted by our independence and how we can bring it to life.”

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