Use the resources available to you to start your store’s next journey

The purpose of Retail Express is to take retailers, of all sizes and in all locations, on the next step of their journey.

That journey might be introducing a new product or category; it might be moving from an unaffiliated shop to a symbol group or franchise; or it might be about opening that second or third store.

We try to speak to everyone with a view to making sure that whatever we cover answers the question “what next?”. That ‘what next’ might well be us pointing you on to further sources to gain more information. But the crucial thing is taking that next step.

In this issue is our annual guide to fascias and franchises, and this year it’s bigger than ever before.

Because we know that, more than anything, you value and trust the honest opinions of other independent retailers in the industry, we’ve personally spoken to 26 retailers from the 13 groups to find out why their symbol or franchise partner works for their business.

Joining a symbol group or franchise won’t be right for every independent retailer in the UK, but the right partnership can strengthen your business and make it more competitive at a time when the convenience market faces increasing costs.

Take time to read it and use it to start your own journey.

If our guide helps you, let us know. If you want more information, let us know. Retail is a journey, and standing still isn’t an option. We’re here alongside you, whatever the next step is.


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