Customers are increasingly turning to own-label products, a trend that Gloucestershire retailer Harj Dhasee is taking advantage of

Nisa has continued to develop its own-label range in recent months, revamping its wines and spirits and adding more chilled lines. 

Harj Dhasee, owner of Mickleton Village Stores in Gloucestershire, says that Nisa’s own-label products are very important for his shop’s sales and profits. 

According to Harj, the range has improved significantly in the 10 years that he has
been trading. 

“People are less loyal to brands. They want competitive prices and quality, which own label meets,” he adds. 

Harj says that he stocks own-label products in the majority of categories in his store and expects more opportunities to appear after the
Co-op takeover. 

“What makes Nisa’s own-label really work is that it fits across all demographics. The quality is great, the packaging looks premium, but it is at a fantastic price.”

In Harj’s store, fresh own label is the fastest-selling range. Chilled ready meals and wine are also
popular choices.

Neil Brearley, Proudfoot Manham Hill, North Yorkshire


“Our Heritage range is doing really well and sales have increased by 15% in the past year. 

“We sell an own-brand option in most of our categories. Heritage wine and spirits perform exceptionally well. 

“Our ready meals do well and there is so much choice in the range that we do not need to offer a
branded option. 

“We’ve been trading for two years and we have definitely seen a growth in Heritage sales as the quality is always improving. 

“A customer’s decision is down to price when they purchase own-label products, but that doesn’t mean that they are willing to sacrifice quality. 

“The success that we have had with Heritage wine is down to the range offering shoppers great quality at a cheaper price than the top brands. 

“It helps us offer more value for money.”