Booker Tesco services

Booker is advertising Tesco services to its retailers for the first time, as predicted before the deal by the wholesaler’s chief executive, Charles Wilson.

Adverts promoting Tesco Mobile deals were sent to retailers with Booker accounts this month. They advertised £10 SIM-only and £29.99 iPhone Xr consumer tariffs with an extra three months free.

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Booker declined to comment on whether it had plans to release further Tesco services to Booker customers. A spokesperson said: “Booker’s customers can get three months free on Tesco Mobile, on all pay-monthly phones or SIM-only contracts of 12 months or more. Each customer can take up to five contracts and get three months free on each one.”

In a meeting with investors in 2017, Booker’s Wilson advised the then-prospective deal would open up Tesco services to independent stores.

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