Booker retailers have told RN the wholesaler has increased the RRP and wholesale prices on a number of popular Euro Shopper and Happy Shopper lines.

According to unaffiliated, Premier and Londis retailers, a number of Euro Shopper household and impulse lines have been affected by the changes.

These include increases of at least 10p on tinned beans, chopped tomatoes and Happy Shopper crisps.

Products that have seen higher increases include Euro Shopper six-packs of toilet rolls from £1 to £1.19.

Elsewhere, bulk 18 packs of toilet roll have been discontinued. 

One retailer told RN lost sales of the six-pack of toilet rolls have been offset by the purchase of more expensive alternatives. “The six-packs used to be one of my most popular products, but customers are now refusing to buy them because of the price increase,” they said. 

“They’re choosing to go for smaller four-packs of toilet rolls. They’re more expensive, but these products are normally impulse purchases alongside other products and customers have the misconception they’re cheaper because of their size. 

“Our overall margins haven’t been hit, as Booker usually adjusts the wholesale cost to provide at least a 30% return.”

Another retailer told RN they were informed the increases on own-label crisps were due to a potato shortage. “I was told the recent weather has resulted in a shortage of potatoes, which is why they’ve had to raise the prices to offset any potential loss,” they said.

The changes come as Booker delisted lines of Müller milk this month, with alternatives from the Euro Shopper range promising 15% higher profit margins.

A Booker spokesperson said: “We are constantly carrying out range and price reviews to ensure we offer our customers fastest-selling products that generate them the best margins so they can operate profitable businesses. 

“Customer feedback regarding Euro Shopper is positive and the brand is performing well.”

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