Why every little counts for more

A new website that offers retailers tailored category advice, product information and sales-boosting rewards has launched.

Through PepsiCo’s Counts for More website, c-stores can get personalised category advice and sales recommendations for the crisps, snacks and nuts category, based on their current range and outlet type. Every time they use the site they gain points. These can be redeemed for Walkers stock or PoS, which retailers can make bespoke for their store.

“Retailers are rewarded for educating themselves – every time they engage in the activities and find out more about how to promote and display the category to grow their sales,” said Matt Goddard, PepsiCo head of impulse field sales.

PepsiCo developed the site in consultation with retailers, trialling it last year. It is optimised for smartphones and tablets, and the entire site has been translated into Punjabi.

Kishor Patel, who runs Premier Basing News in Basingstoke, said he is already benefitting from using the website’s free ‘meal deal’ poster and has redeemed points for a Walkers chiller basket. “This is installed in my chillers and has been a great success,” he said. “My customers are using it and, as a result, my sales have grown. It is a great platform for retailers to understand new products and find useful category advice to drive sales.”

Goddard said this year, PepsiCo will work harder than ever to support independent retailers. “It’s about getting the right range and display, making the most of innovation and offering the right value. If retailers get core, innovation and value right, they’ll be in a really good place. We’re giving them the tools to do it.”

Register at countsformore.co.uk 


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