Award-winning retailer
Dan Cocks
on the research he’s putting into developing his own food to go range

Independent Retail Dan Cocks

I’ve been planning an extension to my store, Premier Whitstone in Cornwall. I’d like to introduce a small coffee shop with additional food to go. So to get some ideas and inspiration, I’m visiting convenience stores around Cornwall at weekends.

Last weekend I visited Truro, where a Waitrose was only given planning permission if it gave a certain amount of space to local foods. They did that by building an independent store in the same building as the Waitrose.

It was a massive development, far bigger than mine will ever be, but there were still a number of ideas I could take from it. For example, having a café in the middle of the shop worked really well. And any food you bought from the deli counter, a quiche or pie or salad, you could also eat in the café. And they had a strong local theme, using lots of local food. It’s exactly what we want to do on a smaller scale – we’re surrounded by great local food and I want that to be important part of our refurbishment.

Over the next couple of weekends there are some other stores I have in mind to visit. One is Pydar Premier in Truro, which sells 100+ roast dinner takeaways every Sunday. Another is John’s of Instow, a recently refurbished convenience store with a deli theme and in-store café.

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