Jai Singh

jai, singh, premier, sheffield, retailer, convenience, newsagentAfter buying our current store in 2008 it was clear from the outset that while it had character, there was a need for a significant facelift, and after 4 months we had an extensive re-fit.  We have now been at our store for nearly 3 years and I have learnt a lot of things I feel my dad did very well as well as things I feel we could have improved on and situations we could have taken advantage of.

I also feel if it wasn’t for my parents I would have been where I am today, but at the same time I feel that the added responsibility also can make some decisions that little bit harder.

My parent’s old store is now being run by my brother who left the Council in 2009, my parents were looking to sell and my brother was debating buying a store. Its worked out very well, as I no longer had the time to work in my parents store and my brother was still working for them whilst working for the council. He made the decision to let my parents retire and buy our parents store.

This worked well as we know the area, customer base and shop. So a refit and Bargain Booze fascia later the store has doubled it turnover and both my parents and younger sibling are content with the choices they made. My mother works part-time for my brother and my dad is now a driving instructor. So all in all I thinks its worked out pretty well and now my parents can look after their grandchildren and enjoy the life they worked for.

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