Post Offices launch e-petitions to fight for survival

post office

Retailers have taken to the virtual world in a desperate bid to save their very real post offices.

Two retailers from two very different stores in Stoke-on-Trent are urging local residents to support their fight by signing petitions online.

Rough Close Post Office, in the Staffordshire city, is petitioning the Post Office Ltd to stop the relocation of the branch and the removal of services that they argue are vital. The property owner claims that the relocation is a threat to public safety and will disrupt parking facilities.

Kashmir Moore, the owner of the building, said: “Two people would lose their jobs as a result of the change and services would be reduced.” The relocation is a part of the modernisation programme across the Post Office network.

Tean Post Office was threatened by closure due its postmaster resigning, but local residents created an e-petition to change his mind and remind others that the Post Office is vital to the community. Fortunately, he had a last-minute change of mind and decided against his resignation.

The petition was already more than halfway towards its 500 signature target after only two days.

It detailed how the loss will impact the village. “If closed, then these pensioners will have no alternative but to embark on at least a five-mile round trip to the nearest post office, using buses that unfortunately in our rural location can be extremely infrequent.”

Have you used an e-petition for your store? How did it go? Do you think they really work to get your point across? We want to hear your thoughts.


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