Palmer & Harvey unveils plans to help you create a paperless office

Palmer & Harvey roll out the second phase of their Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) programme to help retailers create a paperless office.

Retailers can expect more accurate delivery information and less paperwork as Palmer & Harvey launches the second phase of its Electronic Proof of Delivery system.

The change means retailers will now be asked to sign a handset on delivery instead of paper, which gives them more control over reporting damages or inaccuracies.

It forms part of the wholesaler’s ambition to completely remove paper from its delivery operation, which means less paper for retailers.

Mark Leonard, group operations director at Palmer & Harvey, told Retail Express improving customer service is the main focus for the company this year.

“I don’t believe any of our competitors has a similar system to this. We’ve had a really positive response because it directly benefits retailers’ back offices,” he added.

As part of its third and final phase, Palmer & Harvey is planning to launch a new online customer portal later this year.

The portal will be accessible with a phone or tablet app, as well as online, and will show when the next delivery is expected and what it should include.


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