One Stop retailers have been offered bespoke product changes in store as part of an ongoing range reset. Ongoing since November, this has seen them benefit from the party food range and an upcoming ‘Party’ promotion, including the new Jack’s range

Throughout the year, the convenience business has been working with franchisees to reset the range using information taking relevant industry research, trends, sales data and trialled lines. This has involved a team of business development managers working with each retailer to update them and help them with their reset changes, taking into account their own specific stores and locations. These resets can be major – signalling new products, shelving and planograms – to minor tweaks – such as a seasonal change to incorporate more Christmas groceries. 

One Stop increases multi-site franchisees during lockdown

Harnek Sanghera from One Stop Hartlepool explains: “The constant changes in store not only keep us competitive with the big supermarkets but keep us ahead of other brands and local convenience stores. We’re seeing so many new customers through the door. 

“One Stop has been excellent at making sure we are always well stocked and providing us with good products that are affordable. The new Jack’s range is amazing for the price and we’ve seen a big difference, with customers telling us that they’re getting shopping that they’d normally get at Lidl or Aldi, which is then driving them back into store.” 

John Miller, head of franchise at One Stop added: “It’s really encouraging for us as a brand that our franchisees are feeling these changes so positively. Our range resets drive choice, we spend a huge amount of time investing our expertise and knowledge in to make sure our stores are competitive and actively encourages new shoppers. The system also offers franchisees the opportunity to introduce new lines to the range and add better choice for locals. It works well on fresh especially with our 6-day a week delivery and on single pick items.