Approximately 800 One Stop company-owned and franchise stores will receive support in increasing impulse purchases, following a partnership between the chain and PoS specialist Retail Unlimited. 

Retail Unlimited specialises in using the data from a retailer’s EPoS to trigger targeted in-store tannoy announcements.

For example, advertisements about soft drinks will play if the software detects a sales spike in the category during a lunchtime rush. 

The deal represents the first rollout of the technology outside of Scotland, where the firm has worked with 50 One Stop, Scotfresh, Family Shopper and Premier stores for the past two years.

John Prendergast, head of technology at Retail Unlimited, told RN the company also specialises in providing messages to customers about the Drinkaware campaign and Challenge 25. “We have adverts running like a radio station, and it’s about continual reinforcement and delivering the most effective messages,” he said.

“We’ll have messages reminding customers they will be asked for proof of age if they purchase alcohol or cigarettes. Customers won’t be so taken aback when asked by a retailer.”

The company can also provide licensed music to play in store. Evidence from music licensees PRS and PPL shows in-store music has a positive effect on store sales.

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