one stop coity bridgend

A new One Stop franchise in south Wales has traded over £40,000 a week since its February opening.

The One Stop in Coity, Brigdend, is owner Paul Thomas’ second One Stop franchise. He attributes the strong sales to the former Mole Valley Farmers site’s 2,900 sq ft size, which has enabled to him to incorporate vending services and a 300 sq ft beer cave.

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Vending machines at the front of the store include F’real Milkshakes, F’wip Ice Cream, Tango Ice Blast, Rollover Hotdogs, Rustlers burgers and Country Choice. They benefit from increased visibility due to a large lighted fixture, as does the beer cave.

There is also a seating area with charging points for mobile phones and laptops, ahead of the easing of lockdown restrictions.

“The store’s bigger than a lot of convenience stores and I was looking to maximise the space and potential by including things [customers] may not have seen previously,” said Paul. “The lighted fixtures make everything look exciting and are easy for people to notice. One Stop’s strong promotions and range accompany this amazingly, we’re seeing customers come in with their families for weekly shops.”

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“As we’re situated between the houses and industrial units, we’re also getting a lot of workers come in for the amazing One Stop £3 meal deal. We traded over £10,000 a day on the opening weekend and over £40,000 a week since. We have seen so many happy customers, they all seem to be really enjoying what’s on offer here.”

The store also offers free water refills for customers. Thomas is hoping to trial self-checkout in the store, as well as extend his first One Stop store, also in Bridgend, based on the results from the Coity site.

Jon Miller, One Stop head of franchise, said: “Paul has taken a slightly different approach with this store. He’s researched and thought about the best range of services he needed to attract customers from both the industrial and residential areas. Paul always puts in a lot of effort to give back to the communities he serves, and the customer engagement has been magnificent.”

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