Shop owner attributes sales growth to Nisa-back store redevelopments

Forecourt retailer Prem Uthayakumaran said sales at three sites jumped after being redeveloped with Nisa

Nisa Sales Crossroads Service Station

The three sites, including Crossroads Service Station and Eastfield Service Station in Nottinghamshire, plus Broxbourne Service Station in Hertfordshire, now feature 25% of space dedicated to food to go products, including Rollover Hot Dogs, Costa Coffee, Skwishee machines and hot food counters.

In a statement released by the symbol group, Uthayakumaran said he had seen “steady growth in sales across all three sites”, which previously operated under Londis and unaffiliated fascias.

The shop owner said Nisa had “shown its dedication to the growth of independent retailers”, and attributed part of the sales success to the symbol group’s “investment in reducing the cost of prices of essential lines”.

The Co-op owned wholesaler has invested £13m in reducing wholesale prices across more than 1,000 core lines in the past 12 months.

The retailer concluded: “I have worked with the same managers consistently for the development of the three Nisa stores. It took a lot of dedication, and I really appreciated the constant communication. The store standards are all very high now and the shop fascia is top end.”

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