Nisa retailers have received the first batch of 800 Co-op own-brand products into their stores, but some store owners have called for better margins.

There are currently 49 products available, including microwave ready meals and crisps. Two more rollouts expected by the end of the year.

Onkar Sandhu, of Sandhu Stores in Tamworth, told RN: “We’ve had some of the Co-op’s fresh lines come in and it does look good, but I’d probably want better margins than the 29% average across the range we’re currently stocking.”

Rav Garcha, of Nisa Hockley Stores in Birmingham, added he wants to see how the Co-op range sits next to Nisa’s own-label Heritage products.

“We’ve got the full range from the first phase, but it will all be down to how it sits next to Heritage and whether they can provide better margins."

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