Nisa retailers get ‘savings’ through business insurance

Nisa has claimed its retailers are seeing ‘hundred of pounds’ of savings after switching their business insurance to the Co-op

nisa WSP reduction

The Co-op offers a 10% discount on business insurance for all Nisa retailers, which includes business interruption insurance, stock insurance and public liability insurance.

Bharat Keshwala of Nisa Local located in Dunmow, Essex, said he saved £600 through joining the business insurance through the Co-op since May 2023.

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Meanwhile, Kuldeep Bhat of Nisa Local in Walthamstow, London, said he saved around £300 since joining.

He said: “When doing research into different insurance companies, Co-op told us that premium-wise as a Nisa retailer we would see benefits and would get a preferential rate.

“It was mainly the price that helped us decide to sign up as during these times it is all about getting the best price possible.”

Matthew Collings, partnership development manager at Co-op, added the company is committed to ensuring that Nisa customers receive the “best possible support” and contributing positively to their business growth.

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