A retailer has welcomed the launch of an online service from Nisa which enables a bulk order of local, regional and specialist products.

The “Direct to Store” service allows members of the symbol group to browse thousands of products from specialist suppliers otherwise unavailable from Nisa’s central distribution centre. These items can be placed in a single basket and delivered directly to stores.

Scott Jell, of Molly’s Nisa in Luton, told RN orders of niche products had to be done separately in the past. “It’s a really good service because this will save us so many hours, which we can devote to improving other areas of the business.

“Specialist products is an area we are looking at increasing. We can aim for higher margins because customers are willing to pay more of a premium due to them not being as widely available as other products,” he said.

Nisa has also added six new spirits to its own-label Heritage range. The products include gin, vodka, rum, brandy and whisky. New vintage wine products are also due for launch later this year.