Nisa celebrates International Women’s Day

Nisa has hosted several employee events to help raise awareness of gender discrimination this International Women’s Day.

The symbol groups mission is to help forge a gender equal world, with the use of #EmbraceEquity. In doing so, it held a number of events through Co-op’s Aspire Network at the partner support centre in Scunthorpe.

Nisa’s managing director, Peter Batt also discussed how Nisa goes about trying to create a work environment that promotes inclusivity, through a live panel event.

Head of daily operations at Leftley’s of Wells Nisa Local store, Abigail Leftley said: “I do believe as each year goes by opportunities for women in retail are getting more common. I feel it is less of a shock for women to oversee situations and people are accepting it more. I hope my story shows that in retail it doesn’t have to be a father and son partnership and a father and daughter collaboration can be just as successful.”

 Batt added: “We know this is just the beginning in terms of how we hope to influence positive change within Nisa and the wider wholesale/convenience sector.”


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