The remaining four members of Nisa’s 10-person Monitoring Group have been appointed, with one pledging to ensure the Co-op delivers on its promises to the symbol group’s store owners.

Retailers Paul Cheema, Derrick Lloyd, Jamie Keshwara and Marcus Proudfoot were selected directly by the Co-op and Nisa. Mr Cheema, who runs two Nisa shops in the Midlands, told RN he will ensure the needs of the fascia’s store owners are met.

“The main purpose of my role, and the group, will be to ensure the Co-op stands in its position for Nisa and its vision to be current. It will be down to ensuring Nisa retailers get what they need.”

“It will be a shared benefit for both the Co-op and Nisa, however. We’ll make sure the trading directors get what they need from us to the benefit of both parties.”

Mr Cheema added he will also be making sure Nisa retailers maintain the best possible overheads. “We’ll also look at what it costs to run a store and how they can get the best margins. The cost of running a convenience store is increasing all the time.”

The final appointments come as the six regional members of the monitoring group, chosen as part of an election process, were announced last month. The six elected members, who are also Nisa retailers, are Jack Matthews (Midlands), Dan Brown (Scotland), Russell Hall (North East/West), Aidan McAnerney (Ireland), Emma Jenkins (Wales/South West) and Steve Weight (London/South East).

The Monitoring Group was formed following the final clearance of Co-op’s £128m Nisa takeover in April. As part of the takeover, Nisa retailers began receiving stock of Co-op own label products earlier this month.

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