For this week’s My Local Hero we spoke to Jack Matthews about why Leicestershire Honey is so popular in his shop.

jack matthews leicestershire honeyName: Jack Matthews

Store: Bradley’s Supermarkets

Location: Quorn, Leicestershire                             

Product: Leicestershire Honey

Price: £4.49 for 454g

Where did you discover them?

A man from Leicestershire Honey approached our other store in Rothley.

We trialled it there before adding it to the range in our Quorn store when it sold well.

It has done the same here and we now have it in both set and runny varieties.

Who buys it?

A range of people, because most of our regular customers are interested in buying local brands.

All our local products have good sales so we are always looking for new alternatives to put across the store.

We also get a large number of people buying it who have hayfever, because eating a local honey is meant to help the symptoms.

They won’t always be regular customers but have visited specifically because they know we have the honey.

Why is it so successful?

People who shop in our store actively look for local alternatives across all the different categories.

It is a well-known brand in the area and the Leicestershire honey always outsells the branded option, Rowse.

On average, we sell 10 pots a week of the local brand compared to six of Rowse, even though it is quite a bit more expensive.

Next we will be speaking to Julie Atkinson, of Hollins Green Community Store in Cheshire, about Mrs Darlington products.

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