Kent retailer Bintesh Amin drones out the competition with new sales plan

The sky’s the limit for Kent retailer Bintesh Amin, who has taken to showing off his product range in a video recorded by a drone.

The 90-second video shows a remote-controlled drone flying around the store, before swooping through the automatic doors and gliding down the aisles.

Bintesh said he is now considering selling drones in his store and is looking into various options.

“The video has gone mental and customer reaction on Facebook has been really good. Videos are the way to go when it comes to social marketing.

“People always see text and offers, but videos they’ll sit back and watch and I get a much better response rate,” he said.

He added that he gets more interaction and recognition with customers. “It’s important to be the face of your business.

“I’ve done a lot of videos on Facebook Live and Periscope and that works really when targeted locally,” he said.


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