By now we all should have seen a glimpse of what the summer will bring to our businesses.

I am sure you will agree that with no real sporting event this summer, like football, we will need to entice our customers and create our own summer.

We have just opened our store in Stratford-upon-Avon so it’s early days. However, we are beginning to see the initial signs of what of what our demographic will require in the long term.

For example, we are just about to invest in more refrigeration so that we can stock more high-end wines, prosecco etc. Another trend that also seems to be on the incline is bottled beer. Having these chilled and ready to drink is perfect for barbecues and picnics. We want to be a “go to” destination store for drinks.

Recently we have also taken advantage of a wholesale deal that was available through Londis, whereby we are able to sell 15-pack Pepsi cans for £3. This is comparable to the multiples’ prices. Another deal that we also took advantage of was Volvic water. We sold it by the case and, surprisingly, we were able to shift it very quickly.

Having these deals sited as soon as you walk into the store shouts value and promotes to the consumer: “perfect for summer”

Finally fresh is another area where we can drive extra sales. Creating a display does not necessarily need to be about selling the items on display. Inspiring the consumer is a massive win. Do basics like:

  • siting strawberries with cream
  • putting olive oil and dressings with salads
  • having multi-buy offers on salad, and
  • siting honey next to raspberries or blueberries for smoothies

We need to be inventive to drive footfall and gain repeat custom. Implementing and executing will certainly help keep us ahead of the multiples who are never too far behind.

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