As the threat of sugar tax continues, convenience retailers are making more money from low-sugar soft drinks.

Bay Bashir, owner of Belle Vue Convenience Store (Lifestyle Express) in Middlesbrough, first introduced no-sugar drinks into his range earlier this year by stocking Perfectly Clear water.

“I’ve got it on for a three-for-£1 promotion and it’s selling unbelievably well. I couldn’t afford to take it out,” he told Retail Express.

“We also sell some singles because not everyone wants three. At the moment I’m selling 600 bottles a week, so I’m making at least £200.”

Bay uses his EPoS system to find which sugary drinks are slow sellers and has begun replacing them with low-sugar drinks and water.

“Fridge space at this time of the year is so valuable and everyone is fighting for a place in the chiller. If it’s not selling now, it’s never going to sell so replace it, but don’t replace it with something similar,” he says.

Bay plans to continue driving awareness of low-sugar alternatives by giving away free samples of Coca-Cola  Zero Sugar in his store.