Another analyst working late tonight is Neil Saunders, managing director of Conlumino. Unlike Andy Stevens at Verdict, Mr Saunders believes the end result in Scotland is “very difficult to predict”.

“If it’s a yes vote then it’s not going to be very good news for retailers,” he says. “A smaller country means higher costs all round because you lose the economies of scale,” he believes. This would mean higher costs for rural postal deliveries and a whole host of other services. “The DVLA, for example, is based in Swansea, so that will have to be altered,” he says.

As for legislation, Mr Saunders says that because the SNP are more interventionist and Scotland’s health statistics are worse than the UK as a whole (if not by much), retailers would be right to expect higher taxes on sugary drinks, confectionery and tobacco.

That’s the final word from professional analysts – you’re with me now in Bettertogether HQ in the Marriott, Glasgow.