Independent retailers in and around London are being encouraged to not miss out on the opportunity provided by the launch of the long-awaited Night Tube.

As Transport for London opened the Central and Victoria 24-hour tube lines and Tesco announced that a number of its central London stores had new, all-night opening hours, a west London retailer urged convenience stores to also take advantage.

Shandip Patel, who owns Krystals Express, a chain of convenience stores in the capital, has been operating 24-hour shops for the past three years.

“It’s been very successful,” he said. “There are three supermarkets around us and they all close at 11pm, so we steal the trade they’re losing.”

Patel added that he was hoping the launch of the night tube would boost late trading even more.

Nainesh Shah, owner of Mayhew Newsagents in London’s Mayfair, agreed  that retailers in prime locations could benefit from the extended public transport.

“If your store is in the right location, longer hours are, without a doubt, a great idea,” he told Retail Express.