For this week’s My Local Hero we spoke to Rowan Reavley about why Views Farm eggs are so popular in her shop.

Rowan ReaveleyName: Rowan Reavley

Store: The Village Shop

Location:  Stanton St John, Oxfordshire                               

Product: Views Farm eggs

Price: £1.65 for a box of six large eggs

Where did you discover it?

The company was already supplying my shop when I took it over. We are lucky to still have a local egg supplier, though, as all the others in the area closed because of profit reasons.

They are still in demand in the shop and I always sell out before my next delivery and am continuingly upping my order. Despite being a quiet village shop I sell about 50 boxes a week.

Who buys it?

We have a lot of bakers in this village, so many of them come in for their eggs, especially at the moment with parents baking with their children over the holidays. Another popular time is in the morning, paired with the other ingredients for a fried breakfast.

Why is it so successful?

The farm is not very far up the road and when you drive past you can actually see the hens the eggs come from in the field. Plus, once you’ve had a farm fresh egg, people find they taste so different they rarely go back to buying from a supermarket.

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