Cash money notesIn a bid to encourage banks to lend, Sweden has set a negative interest rate for cash deposits from banks. The banks will have to pay the equivalent of 25p per £100 to keep their money with the central bank.

Local retailers in the UK will know what this feels like as the cost of depositing cash has risen sharply. One retailer I spoke to this week said his charges have risen from 15p per £100 to 45p in the past two years; and now he sees other banks advertising rates at £2.

All this makes it attractive to have a self-fill cash dispenser in your shop or even to offer cash back at the tills. To most shoppers, cash back at supermarkets feels like a benefit. Few understand that it is saving the supermarket money. Few consumers understand that handling cash and moving cash costs money. If you are geared up to accept debit card payments, you should think about offering cash back at the same time.