How to choose the right fascia partner for you

Six symbol retailers share their stories and reveal why their symbol group could be the right partner for you

Six symbol retailers share their stories and reveal why their group could be your next move

Switching your symbol group or partnering with a franchise is a giant step for your business, and one that is essential to get right. Retailers that are considering making the change need to weigh up several factors: the demands of their customers, the size of the store, their own skills and what they want to achieve as a business.

But the rewards are massive if they make the right choice. Last year, RN’s research into symbol groups revealed that simply switching group can lead to a 32% increase in store sales. Even when store size doesn’t change as a result, retailers can increase sales by 18%.

Despite this, nearly 40% of retailers have never switched symbol group or franchise.

Here, RN speaks to retailers from six leading symbol groups and franchises to find out what support is available. We also speak to key figures within these groups to find out what they’re investing in and what they can offer you. If any of these stories inspire you to find out more, call us on 020 7689 3355 so we can put you in touch with your next partner.

Check out our guide to each symbol group

Bestway Best-one

Bestway Xtra Local

Booker Budgens

Booker Family Shopper

Booker Premier

Booker Londis


Landmark Lifestyle Express


One Stop

Parfetts Go Local Extra

Post Office


Today’s Group


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