By partnering with Today’s group, North Ayrshire retailer Imran Ali got his business off to a flying start and is now selling 500 cases of chilled lines every week

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Despite only being open for a few months, Imran Ali has taken his store in Irvine, North Aryshire from strength to strength thanks to the symbol group’s focus on branded products. 

“We chose Today’s because we wanted to offer branded products that our customers really want,” he says.

“Today’s has the best range of branded goods because it’s the group’s focus. 

“Rather than pushing its own-label range they can deliver big margins on big brands like no one else can,” he explains. 

According to Imran, as a member of Today’s, it is down to you to shape what your store stocks and takes, but they provide constant support and regular visits to help keep you on track.

Today’s Group supports retailers with category advice from its Plan for Profit retailer initiative. Its app offers retailers a profit-on-return calculator, exclusive deals and other helpful features.

Why join?

Imran Ali, Day Today, Irvine, North Ayshire


1. A push on branded products: “We chose Today’s because we wanted to offer branded products at great prices that our customers were asking us for,” Imran explains. These brands are backed by promotional activity every three weeks.

2. Geographical expertise: “When we launched we went through Today’s Plan for Profit with our reps and not only were they retail experts, they were local experts,” says Imran. The group was able to accurately predict what would work for his local area.

3. Support with personal touch: Imran says that Today’s reps are always on hand to help. “One of the first times my rep visited my store, the first thing he did was take off his jacket and get stuck in with helping with a delivery,” says Imran.

Why stay?

David Ward, Today’s Extra, North Yorkshire


“The best thing is the support I get from my rep, he’s brilliant. They really want to help grow
your business.

“Cost was a big factor in why we decided to switch symbol groups. It used to feel like we were working for the symbol group, now it feels like the symbol group is working for us.

“It used to be 100 miles to the nearest depot, now it’s just a fifth of that and it makes a big difference to deliveries and time management. It’s the beauty of being part of a buying group, you’re never far away from support when you need it.

“Even though the switch came as we were heading into our quiet period, our sales still grew in the month following the new fascia.

“It’s easy to get complacent as a retailer. Today’s challenged me in a constructive, step-by-step manner with advice and suggestions and they were right every time.”

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