Focus on fascias and franchises: Nisa Retail

A focus on fresh and chilled, combined with personalised merchandising and ranging advice, has helped Mehul Patel grow sales in his Nisa store

A focus on fresh and chilled, combined with personalised merchandising and ranging advice, has helped Mehul Patel grow sales in his Nisa store

The facts

Average store size: 2,300sq ft

Number of members: 1,300+

Cost of joining: £860+VAT

Nisa has worked tirelessly for more than 40 years to ensure it provides all the tools needed to compete against the increasing competition in the convenience sector.

Since the acquisition of Nisa by Co-op, work has been focused on ensuring retailers experience the benefits of the new relationship as quickly as possible. With enhanced buying capability, new-found business stability and improved financial strength, Nisa partners can trade their businesses as independents in the way they have always enjoyed, backed by competitive prices, promotions and a deeper own-brand range, which is driving a real point of difference.

Nisa partners will soon be able to stock most Co-op own-brand products and offer their customers not only their own strong individual independent proposition, but one enhanced and strengthened by that of the Co-op own brand.

Why stay

Barry Patel
Two Nisa stores in Luton, Bedfordshire

“I have been with Nisa for 24 years, and it has been a great partner through all the changes we have seen in that time. 

“Nisa has a full range of fresh, chilled, frozen and ambient deliveries, which are always very consistent – 99% of products we have ordered come to our door. Recently we have seen the rise of the discounters, and Nisa has guided us through that, with great offers pushed through promotional leaflets. 

“It has also given us advice on how to promote locally, and, as a result, we donate to good causes such as Christmas dinners and firework displays. 

“We are in a big council estate and people come in and comment on our charitable activities. 

“Nisa also gives us that corporate image that helps build trust with customers.”

Why join

Mehul Patel 
Nisa Swinnow Lane, Leeds


Extending fresh and chilled: “Nisa’s fresh and chilled selection is excellent, and joining them has helped us move the store in the direction we wanted, introducing lots of new chilled lines. The fresh meats sell very well.”

Introducing Co-op brand: “Bringing in the Co-op brand has been fantastic for our sales. It gives us massive variety and we can always bring in new products when customers ask. And they trust the brand, too.”

Personalised advice: “We’ve worked closely with our fresh food development manager, who has provided lots of great advice on ranging and merchandising. We have seen a massive increase in basket spend as a result of our changes.”

Join us

Telephone: 0800 542 7490

Email: www.join-nisa.co.uk​​​​​​​


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