Opening a shop can be daunting for new retailers, but with the right support from Lifestyle Express, Mark Sykes has gained loyal customers

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Mark Sykes decided to become a Lifestyle Express member one year ago and says the enthusiasm that the staff at the symbol group had made them stand out. 

“Although this is our first symbol group, we truly feel good about our decision. Lifestyle shows so much confidence in us,” he says. 

“Our reps show us so much enthusiasm and they know what they are talking about when they give us advice.”

Mark was also attracted to Lifestyle Express by their range and deals. 

“I had a look at their leaflets and found that they have a good range of offers. The customers in our village now end up basket shopping rather than just picking up one or two items,” he says. 

Besides his customers having the ability to do a full shopping trip in his store, he explains that the fact that Lifestyle Express stocks a wide range of price-marked packs helps gain
customer confidence.

Why join?

Mark Sykes, Lifestyle Express, Pant Waen, Caernarfon


1. Good design team: Besides the top support he receives from Lifestyle Express, Mark says that the design team is exceptional and helped him make sure that the front of his shop stands out. “The group also paid for our shop sign which was a big plus.”

2. Great support: “I couldn’t be happier with the support we receive. It really is the best,” he says. Mark says he has been impressed with the quality of support he has had. “Nothing is ever a problem for the team there,” he explains. 

3. Ranging freedom: As Mark operates his business in a village with a tight community, being
able to stock local products was crucial. Lifestyle Express enabled him to retain the freedom to introduce products from other local businesses. 

Why stay?

Mohammed Amjad Diaz, Lifestyle Express, Kings Norton, Birmingham



“My shop was really struggling and I was thinking about closing up for good, then I spoke to the team at my local cash and carry. I told them my issues and through joining Lifestyle Express they turned my store around.

“Since joining the fascia, my sales have grown steadily and for the first time in a long while I’m happy with my business.

“We will be continuing to improve throughout this year by adding new stock, new services and new ideas.

“They helped me to get an alcohol licence and to offer a wider range of goods, with our ranging we’re just like a supermarket now.

“I’m just a small retailer but my advice to others would be that the team at Lifestyle Express are real experts, they can really help your business.

“You need to be prepared to invest in your business though, my refit cost £40k.”

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