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You can be part of one of the country’s most recognised convenience brands and boost your sales by partnering with Londis.

Devon retailer Sarah Cope has increased her sales every year since she joined Londis and is continuing to invest in new areas to improve her profits

  • Average store size:
    1,300sq ft
  • Average store turnover:
    £15,000 p/w
  • Number of UK retail members:
  • Cost of joining:

Sarah inherited Londis as a symbol group when she first bought her store, but due to the service, range and promotions, she has never felt the need to move anywhere else. “I genuinely don’t believe that there is a better offer out there for the independent retailer,” says Sarah. 

Londis retailers benefit from free membership, leaflets and PoS. “We receive support with seasonal promotions, such as beer and wine festivals, which we promote with PoS and great deals. These are really popular in our community,” she says.

The symbol group offers a delivered service, with a tri-temperature fleet delivering ambient, fresh and frozen in one delivery. “Londis cannot be beaten on their fresh range. We receive good margins and well-dated stock and get three deliveries a week within a two-hour window,” she says.

Sarah has introduced the symbol group’s ‘Discover The Choice’ own-label range. “It’s been really successful and we’ve had great feedback from our customers. We have regular range reviews, have head led to growth in sales of produce, meat and fish,” Sarah explains.

“Londis works well in my community, providing for and satisfying everyone’s everyday needs.”

Forecourt retailers can also benefit from becoming a Londis store as the symbol group offers a forecourt package backed by a dedicated team.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Why join?

Sarah Cope, Londis Lynton, Devon


1. Freedom to choose: “Londis never forget that it is my shop and don’t dictate how I do anything in my store. In return, I support their initiatives and seasonal pre-orders as they offer great value to me and my customers,” she says. Sarah benefits from the symbol group’s range reviews, which make sure she is stocking the bestselling lines. “We have plans to grow several categories in our store this year,” she says. 

2. Strong relationships: “I have an excellent working relationship with my retail development manger. I don’t believe I would get the same level of support from any symbol other group out there,” says Sarah. “I have a regularly monthly visit but he is always on hand whenever I need something. Together we have identified new opportunities in store, enabling us to stay ahead of the local competition.” 

3. Fresh focus: “The strongest range within Londis is their fresh. As they don’t hold stock, they have no waste, which allows for great margins,” says Sarah. “With three deliveries a week of chilled, frozen and ambient, within a two-hour window, it enables me to better manage my stock and time.” Londis also has a ‘Discover the Choice’ own-label range, which includes quality fresh and chilled lines.

Why stay?

David Hiscutt, Londis Weymouth, Dorset


“We joined Londis 25 years ago. 

“Put simply, we love Londis. The logistics and deliveries are award winning and we rarely have any availability issues. It’s a good streamlined approach that helps us be as efficient as possible. 

“We have a tech system called Londis Manager. It’s a system that was made by retailers for retailers. I was part of a working group that helped develop it alongside software engineers to make sure that it gave us everything we need.

“The marketing activity has improved since we were acquired by Booker. Our promotions are always very competitive and the  margins on them have increased. Our business is improving all the time and we are in a position where we can make the most of new opportunities. 

“With Londis, we have managed to continually grow our business and our store has been recognised by the trade. Last year, we were delighted to be named the UK’s best overall shop by the Independent Achievers Academy. 

“I’m excited by the future with Tesco. I think we’ll benefit from even better pricing and depth of ranging. The scale of the business that we will be part of should provide a great deal of security. I think we’ve got a great future ahead of us.”

Would you like to learn more?

Contact Londis at:

Telephone: 0808 178 9844
Email: martin.swadling@londis.co.uk
Twitter: @mylondis
Web: joinlondis.co.uk


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