The NFRN has launched a new fascia designed to provide a flexible offer to help independent retailers grow their businesses and create a point of difference.

The Everyday fascia is open to newsagents and c-stores of all sizes and includes a flexible ranging model, free core range deliveries based on minimum orders, a four-weekly promotional calendar and store fascia.

Retailers can also access support for full or partial store refits via NFRN Shoplink and products from national and local suppliers.

Wayne Harrand, NFRN Commercial sales director, said the fascia would give retailers freedom to adapt their offer to their own customer base rather than take on a generic convenience model and would appeal in particular to stores that had struggled to join symbol groups on account of their size.

“Everyday has been designed for independent retailers so they can grow their businesses,” he said.

“There are a massive number of smaller-footprint stores with turnovers of less than £10,000 a week that haven’t had access to symbols because of their smaller sales.

“They will be happy to work with an operator that can deliver direct to their stores and give them access to national deals.”

In a speech to the IGD last month, NFRN chief executive Paul Baxter warned the convenience market risked becoming homogenised and less independent due to supply chain and ranging control by suppliers.

Mr Harrand said Everyday would address this by offering independent stores flexibility to choose their own tailored mix of mainstream and niche ranges.

The first Everyday pilot store is launching today in Western-Super-Mare.

Owner Ray Monelle told RN: “As an independent, I want to be different, and Everyday has allowed me to triple my chilled range, extend my food to go and convenience offer, but retain my traditional CTN roots and my independence.”