Its ten month since my wife, Roxy and I opened our Family Shopper store in High Blantyre and the business continues to perform beyond our expectations and budget.

One of my objectives when developing the plan for the business was limiting the environmental impact of the store.

To achieve this I wanted to install solar power. While Blantyre is above the 55 degree latitude line and we may not get the power of the sun’s rays that buildings in Brighton or Birmingham do, we do get plenty.

In fact, after covering the £11,800 investment cost for our 10Kw power plant over the next 4 years it will then generate an income of nearly £1000 each year on top of the £1400 savings to our current power costs.

Being able to soften our environment impact and generate an income for our bottom line is a real bonus. May be you should investigate the benefits of solar power.