Bestway Wholesale delivery

Costcutter retailers have been given access to all Bestway and Batleys cash and carries, easing the pressure on availability caused by the national driver shortage.

Purchases made from cash and carries will also count towards qualification for rebates, excluding tobacco and one day deals.

Bestway retail director Mike Hollis said: “It’s a fact of life within our industry that independent retailers need to top up their delivered services to ensure continuity of products and supplies at times of pressure to meet their individual needs and increased consumer demand.

“And we are pleased to now make this official and support our retail partners by ensuring that every retailer in our group has access to our 65 depots in our Bestway and Batleys network. 

“The last two weeks has seen grocery retail experience unprecedented disruption with some of the major supermarkets experiencing driver shortages and supplier shortfalls, which has led to shelf-gaps.”

“This move to invite retailers into our depots is also timely in supporting continuity in convenience retail at a time of need.”

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