Costcutter retailer anger over delayed Co-op own-label lines

Costcutter retailers expressed their frustration at further delays to the start of its Co-op supply deal, seven months after it was first announced.

Costcutter retailers expressed frustration at a lack of details on the start date for supplies of Co-op branded lines into Costcutter stores.  

While the delayed supply deal began on 28 May, there is still no start date for the promised Co-op own-brand lines.

Despite Costcutter Group retailers reporting sales success from recently introduced Nisa Heritage branded lines, many are unhappy about the lack of information about future ranging changes.

One Costcutter retailer told Retail Express: “All we get told is that it is happening soon but we don’t know when yet.”

Another commented: “I have no idea when the deal when begin, I heard there was another delay while it clears old stock.”

A Simply Fresh retailer said: “It’s dragging on and on, it seems so long ago that this was first mentioned and we are still waiting.”

Retailers were told that 600 Co-op lines will be made available to Costcutter, Simply Fresh and Mace stores, with a further 1,400 to be available by the end of the year. However, documents sent to retailers reveal additional limitations on the sale of Co-op branded goods. These limitations include a maximum cap on prices on Co-op lines, the need to use a separate infra-red device to monitor chiller temperatures and a ban on promoting the sale of Co-op lines sold in stores being cheaper than at the Co-op.

Meanwhile, Nisa retailers will begin receiving supplies from the Co-op next week.

A spokesperson for Costcutter told Retail Express that an announcement about the integration of Co-op branded products would be made "very soon."

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