A Coventry retailer has teamed up with an app developer to produce two apps which will help boost his business and make life easier for his customers, himself and his staff.

Paul Cheema, of Malcolm’s Stores, launched the first app, which is consumer-facing, this week as part of trials with Big DL.

Customers who have downloaded the app have started receiving deals and other details of things going on in the Coventry shop.

Their mobile receives updates via the app and a beacon outside the store means they can be notified of deals when they walk past. To take up the offer, a barcode on their phone is scanned.

Mr Cheema said: “We’ll be able to monitor their basket spend too, to see if it increases because of the offers.”

Big DL app developer IAT is currently working with symbol groups and suppliers looking at how the app can be applied to them.

The second app being worked on by Mr Cheema helps with managing stock and staff.