Shopping made simple with Ubamarket trial at Warner’s

Shopper assisting app Ubamarket has been launched in Guy Warner's flagship store, in preparation for a roll-out to stores with HTEC systems.

Customers to Warner’s Budgens in Gloucestershire can now use shopper assisting app Ubamarket to make their visit even easier.

Guy Warner’s Moreton-in-Marsh Budgens is the ‘prototype’ store for the Ubamarket’s creators. It has been available to shoppers since September 12.

The app rearranges shopping lists so that items are ordered by their location in the store. It also offers bespoke deals, and automatically uses loyalty schemes when a purchase is made.

Warner will feed back on his experience, so the app can be improved and rolled out nationally.

Will Broome, founder of Ubamarket, said Warner’s store had “every element” needed for  the app to be tested.

“It needs to be able to recognise items from the deli that are bought by slice or by weight,” he said. “There’s about 15,000 items in Warner’s, and we need to make sure that each and every one will scan.”

Click here to find out more about how Ubamarket is aiming to change the way shoppers use convenience stores.


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