Booker is helping its members grow their store’s web presence with the launch of a social media guide for retailers.

The online guide provides store owners with tips and advice on setting up and developing their own Facebook and Twitter accounts for their business.

The site also offers more in-depth details on setting up online advertising and using analytics to track the performance of social media pages.

Dan Cock, owner of Premier Whitstone Village Stores in Holsworthy, was one of the retailers providing feedback for the guide through the Premier Development Group.

He said: “We’re hoping it will prove to be an easy and useful guide for retailers to improve their presence on the Internet.

“The industry is moving so fast and if you’re not embracing new opportunities like this, you’re going to get left behind.”

A spokesman for Booker said: “Having listened to our customers and taken their feedback, this site is aimed at helping them start and build a social media presence.

“It is in its early stage and we are hoping it will prove useful to our customers.”