Premier retailers have praised Booker for improving their margins on Mega Deal promotions, which they claim is helping them prepare for the National Living Wage coming into force next month.

Store owners said they have seen strong volume sales and up to 10% profit increases on Mega Deals over the past year.

They were also positive about Booker’s latest promotions, which include the return of a £3 deal on a 30 pack case of Walkers crisps.

Dan Cock, owner of Premier Whitstone Village Stores in Devon, said he has gone through more than 100 Walkers cases in a month. He added that he has now ordered another two pallets after the deal was extended to a ‘when it’s gone it’s gone’ offer this month.

“It’s a product we tend to order by the pallet because of the price. It’s massive for us and shows we can compete,” said Mr Cock.

“I think with the Musgrave move, Booker now has more clout to negotiate better terms for retailers with suppliers. The margins have improved significantly.”

Samantha Coldbeck, owner of Premier Wharfedale in Hull, said she has sold 140 Walkers boxes in a month after promoting the deal on Facebook and Twitter.

“Customers want to see you are offering great value so this is a cracking price for us,” she said. “Booker has improved our terms and I would say it has increased by around 5% to 10% over the past year, which will help us with the National Living Wage.”

Raaj Chandarana, owner of Premier Tara’s News in High Wycombe, added that he has sold 300 Walkers boxes since the start of the promotion.

“This is how we can differentiate ourselves and say to customers anything the big boys can do, we can do too.”

Martin Swadling, director of Premier, said: “Mega Deals have been a great way for our retailers to maintain a competitive position.”